Bringing Baby Home Program™

I am a Certified Gottman Educator offering a specialized version of the Bringing Baby Home Program™ for foster and adoptive families. Please learn more about these workshops. My workshops are formed based on interest and advertised in the community through local adoption and foster care agencies when scheduled. If you have an interest in this two-day workshop, please contact me directly. When a child (or children arrive) as often is the case with families adopting through the foster care system, even the strongest relationships are strained. Dr. Gottman and his colleagues have found that 69% of new parents experience a significant decrease in relationship satisfaction in the first three years following the arrival of a baby. Typical parenting stressors for all new parents including increased housework and more demands on time combined with the specialized parenting that children with attachment challenges and trauma histories require send many couples to a place of conflict. This workshop gives couples the skills and information to recognize and cope successfully with the normal stressors of becoming a family as well as the additional stressors of adoptive and foster parenting.