What to Expect in Therapy

Every person and family is unique. I will take the time to understand you, your concerns, and will want to learn about what is working well in your life as well as the things that require attention. There are many benefits to participating in therapy. Most people experience positive results from the changes they make in their lives. I can provide assistance in making sense of childhood issues and patterns, in gaining a deeper understanding of and confidence to parent the child/children you are raising, as well as developing problem-solving skills, and new coping skills for the areas causing you and/or your children distress. The possible benefits of therapy are dependent on practicing the new skills and insights learned. However, it is not unusual for some clients and their families to experience discomfort, stress, anxiety, frustration or other changes as they begin to consider their lives and reflect more deeply. Generally, this is a temporary stage that passes as people grow through the therapeutic process, become more comfortable with self-reflection, as well as the vulnerability therapy uncovers. We will work together throughout the treatment process to outline treatment goals, measure progress, and honestly reflect about the process. I can and will offer appropriate referrals when something is outside my scope of practice.